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Vienna, 26.01.2016

  • Marketing theme 2016/17 “Nature Reloaded” spotlights Austria’s natural regions – cross-media campaign #austriantime to start in six markets
  • Special budget by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Research, Science and Economy and the Austrian Economic Chamber delivers targeted support for the tourism industry to open up new markets and reach new target Groups

Vacation country Austria is well-prepared for the tourism year 2016. “Demand in the major source markets continues to be good – despite partly difficult circumstances. And thousands of Austrian enterprises and regions that are strongly and passionately committed to making our guests happy while on vacation, guarantee top-level products and facilitate a unique vacation experience – the desire of millions of people”, said Dr. Petra Stolba, CEO of the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) during an atb_sales press conference on Monday evening.

From January 24 to 26, 2016, some 500 Austrian exhibitors meet up with 400 international buyers from 36 countries to present their tourism products at the largest trade fair in Austria at Austria Center Vienna (ACV). “Attendees have the opportunity to make new contacts, hatch new business ventures, or further strengthen existing client relationships. In addition to atb_experience and the sales promotion platforms customized to the respective source markets abroad, atb_sales plays a key role in supporting the industry in selling tourism products”, says Stolba.

 ANTO focuses on markets with the greatest potential
The marketing section is well-prepared for the year 2016, too. ANTO’s marketing efforts in the three regions Western Europe, CEE and overseas countries concentrate on those markets with the greatest potential for domestic tourism. In 2016 these are 30 markets, most of them with ANTO representations. In the traditional large source markets, e.g. Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Great Britain, the goal is to maintain or expand market shares – which would be a success in the light of increasing keen competition. In Central Europe – where Austria is the biggest market leader in alpine winter products – the aim is to promote Austria’s summer attractions. And the activities in the long-distance markets are to attract important international guests. “Especially in turbulent times, it is important to be present and support people in finding their ideal vacation destinations”, says Stolba about necessary international activities.

To this effect, additional funds have been made available to ANTO this year. “With a special budget of EUR 4 million – made available upon the initiative of Federal Economy and Tourism Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner – we can address new source markets and target groups, apart from securing the highly competitive markets in Europe”, says Stolba. One of the budget focuses lies on China and South Korea, where this year’s promotional efforts do not only include cities, high culture and luxury travel, but also nature, folk culture, and mountain experience. Further focuses lie on Turkey and four more European markets (Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Poland).

 Petra Nocker-Schwarzenbacher, president of the federal section Tourism and Leisure Industry at the Austrian Economic Chamber, explains: “We welcome ANTO’s current tourism promotion program co-initiated and co-funded by the Austrian Economic Chamber. With this program, we support our members in their efforts to explore and cultivate new guest/ source markets. In the light of still continuing sharp drops in the Russian market and in order to expand market shares in future markets, we have to even increase our efforts in opening up markets such as China, Turkey, or Poland and re-conquer our position in markets such as Italy or Sweden.”

 Marketing theme “Nature Reloaded” – focus on a topic that moves humans

ANTO goes new ways also in marketing. The daily information flood makes it increasingly difficult to reach potential guests with messages. “While in the 1950ies we were confronted with some 300 ads per day, there are 15,000 today. Loud mass marketing is a thing of the past. In the future, it is important to reach people in a targeted way and exactly in the right moment”, explains Stolba.

In global tourism the strong brands more than ever decide whether a travel destination is successful. On the one hand, a brand needs to position itself with its top qualities and consequently stick to this principle; on the other hand, it needs to convince with surprising aspects. “To this effect, our 2016 and 2017 marketing theme ‘Nature Reloaded’ focuses on aspects of Austria that refer to societal developments and highlights the special competences of the ‘Vacation in Austria’ brand”, says Stolba.

Above all in a globalized, connected, and digitalized world people have a strong desire for a safe haven in nature and the meaningfulness and experience of values related to it. Austria’s natural regions have enormous potential to fulfill these strong desires guests have by delivering inspiring product experiences. “Last year, starting with the tourism day in Krems, we worked intensively on the elaboration of this focus. Together with our partners, we (further) developed products during atb_experience in June 2015, which are now partly ready for sale at atb_sales”, says Stolba about ANTO’s approach to this topic, now ready to be experienced by guests.

Content and storytelling a focus of #austriantime
The top-quality multimedia content of “Nature Reloaded” (film, subjects, pictures, etc.) is from now on being used in worldwide communications efforts. The campaign #austriantime, a cross-media campaign with strong online focus, is launched in six markets with especially promising potential for this topic. The heart of the online campaign is an interactive storytelling module. “Together with Anna and David – the video’s protagonists – we show guests a typical Austrian day experienced by the two characters. Sometimes they give personal tips; other attractions are featured by videos or picture material”, says Stolba about the campaign, which also premieres an online magazine in eight languages and a video in a 360-degree perspective. With these features, ANTO is one of the first national tourism organizations ever that uses “virtual reality” in tourism advertizing.

“According to all experts, storytelling and top-quality content are the decisive success factors in future marketing. To this effect, we will place special emphasis on these factors in the next few years”, says Stolba by also referring to the increasing importance of digital marketing in general. Already today, 40 % of all campaigns are online campaigns. Following the website re-launch of in the fall of 2015, new marketing tools are being developed continuously.

Apart from the focus “Nature Reloaded” and the #austriantime campaign, there will be a further 60 market campaigns in 2016, offering participation opportunities for all tourism industry sections and products, as well as a culture highlight which also strongly features content and innovative approaches. “With our planned campaigns for 2016, customized e-marketing products, ample media activities and numerous sales promotion platforms at home and abroad, we are eager also this year to inspire millions of people for a vacation in Austria and, together with the Austrian tourism industry, continue our success story”, concludes Stolba.

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Austrian Economic Chamber
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