Austrian tourism focuses on “Nature Reloaded”

Vienna, 02.07.2015
The Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) invited more than 200 tourism experts from at home and abroad to the atb_experience 2015 to the National Park Hohe Tauern.

With a spotlight on “Nature Reloaded”, ANTO’s strategic marketing theme for the next two years, the second atb_experience took place from June 28 to 30, 2015 at Kals am Großglockner. International networking activities, product experience and new stimuli for product development have been on the agenda of the 200 participants from 28 nations. Following a three-day program with countless opportunities for conversations, discussions and dialogs in and around the National Park Hohe Tauern, the international guests continued their journey to the federal provinces for an in-depth “best of_experiences” Exploration.

With the topic “Nature Reloaded” at the atb_experience, ANTO focuses on aspects in Austria that relate to current societal developments. “In a globalized, connected and digitalized world, people have a strong desire for nature, meaningfulness, and valuable experiences”, explains ANTO CEO Dr. Petra Stolba. “The goal of this event is to raise awareness among participants for this future topic and successfully shape the business of tomorrow. Austrian examples of best practice in this field will not only be presented – they will also be enriched by invaluable inputs by our international participants so that products can be optimally customized to guests’ needs”, says Stolba in her welcoming speech.

The interesting, exciting program offered some 100 international tour operators, opinion leaders and journalists from a total of 28 nations manifold opportunities to connect, exchange information and build a network with some 100 Austrian hosts. On Monday afternoon, after theoretical impulses, the participants had the opportunity to engage in several hands-on outdoor explorations, the so-called “outdoor_experiences”, in the three hosting provinces Carinthia, Salzburg and the Tyrol. “The ‘outdoor_experiences’ are an integral part of atb_experience as the joint activities encourage interaction and communication, and create space for new ideas and visions. With them we were also able to show our international guests what kind of future topics are important for the products of Austria’s tourism”, says Stolba.

In the course of the three days participants in atb_experience also had the opportunity to explore areas beyond tourism with the showroom “Nature Reloaded”. On the basis of twelve different objects participants could see what type of creative and innovative solutions Austrian society, the arts, the sciences and the economic sector have come up with. Among others the three prize winners from a “Nature Reloaded” art contest that the Austrian National Tourist Office established in close cooperation with the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2014 could be viewed. The evening events at Kulturhaus Kals and at Gradonna Mountain Resort Châlets & Hotel rounded off the program and offered the perfect setting for networking activities.

After a final mountain breakfast at Adler Lounge at 2.621m above sea level on Tuesday the international participants continued their travel to the federal provinces. The programs of the so-called “best of_experiences” – from hiking with diving goggles in Upper Austria to visiting the “Natursprünge-Weg”, an interactive hiking trail in the Brandner Valley – were an invaluable additional opportunity to experience products all over Austria.

Already shortly after the event the organizers drew a first positive conclusion. Both the product experiences and the innovative dialog formats met with great enthusiasm among all participants. The discussions were also inspiring for the Austrian participants, who could take home valuable experiences for their product development. In the weeks to come they will explore and pursue new ideas, adapt already existing products according to demand and finalize them for atb_sales in January 2016. Hence, the atb_experience contributes to sales promotion in an important way. “Our task as national tourism organization is to optimally support the sector with our know-how and existing network. With this event, we – together with the provincial tourist organizations Tirol, Salzburg and Carinthia – have reached this goal successfully”, says Stolba in conclusion.

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ANTO’s sales promotion platforms
An essential task of the Austrian National Tourist Office is to bring together Austrian tourism products and market demand. The overall concept of ANTO sales promotion platforms rests on three pillars: Every two years starting from 2013 international tour operators, opinion leaders and journalists from the major tourism source markets get together with hosts and suppliers of Austrian tourism to discuss the business of tomorrow. In even-numbered years, the atb_sales serves as exclusive trading platform for Austrian products with a focus on sales, i.e. the business of today. Parallel to these two platforms at home, sales promotion platforms customized to the individual needs of the source markets are launched abroad.

Competency theme “Nature Reloaded”
Starting from 2016, ANTO’s focus will lie on “Nature Reloaded”. This topic will not only be a focus in the communication about the tourism country but will also be launched as a separate ANTO campaign. What is new about it: The guests will actually experience the marketing promise. ANTO is currently looking for top products suitable for the topic. To support the sector’s product development initiatives, a brochure “Nature Reloaded. Naturbegegnendes Reisen – Ankunft und Erneuerungskraft” (Nature Reloaded. Nature-Encountering Travel – Arrival and Recreation) is available in German language, which, apart from specific content, also includes hands-on recommended action for tourism suppliers.


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